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wolaptor unboxing

In the first tutorial Mike is unboxing and assembling the wolaptor. Enjoy!

How to adjust your smartphone in the wolaptor

In the second tutorial Mike explains how to align your smartphone in the center of rotation. Get ready for panorama shooting!

Please observe the following advices:

  • The tripod must be placed safely and leveled on an unmoving ground.
  • The smartphone must be mounted safely in the smartphone clamp.
  • The backside of the smartphone must fit closely against the inner surface of the clamp. For smartphones with curved backside: Check carefully for a safe and precise positioning.
  • The clamp fits smartphones with a maximum width of 85 mm.
  • Neither buttons should be covered or pressed, nor the camera lens should be covered by the clamp.
  • The smartphone must be in vertical position, while adjusting.
  • All screws must be tightened after adjusting.
  • You can also slide your smartphone up and down carefully in the clamp to align the camera. Keep in mind to re-check for a safe and straight fit of your smartphone.
  • To avoid damages to your smartphone make sure to turn the reticle in horizontal position before taking photos.

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Fast, easy and very convenient - Use a 360° photo app to take all photos and stitch automatically to create your panorama.

We recommend Google Photosphere, a camera feature for the apps Google Street View and Google Camera.


For the best quality and zero stitching errors we recommend to take all photos manually and to use stitching software to create your panoramas.

For orientation while taking all shots for a spherical panorama the wolaptor got a numbered scale and markings.