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Iphone App - Pro Camera


Procam - Interface


In the app you can see different symbols:

  • AE = Automatic Exposure
  • 1/17 sec = Shutter Speed
  • ISO = Light Sensitivity of the Sensor
  • AF = Auto Focus
  • AWB = Automatic White Balance
  • E/F/WB-L = Exposure / Focus / White Balance Lock
  • Off = Flash
  • HDR = High Dynamic Range
  • AEB = Automatic Bracketing Exposure


There are two ways to create an HDR photo. Either you choose the automatic HDR function of ProCam or you choose exposure bracketing. Several photos with different exposures are shot consecutively and then combined with an image processing program to an HDR photo.

Automatic HDR

Before starting to take the individual images for a panorama, you should set the flash to ↯Off. Afterwards, find and lock the average exposure value for the panoramic image. To do this, you activate the Auto Exposure Symbol and point the smartphone to an area that has the optimum exposure for the panorama - not too bright and not too dark. Afterwards the automatic exposure is deactivated again: AE-L. Shutter speed and ISO are now locked. Auto focus and white balance can be used in auto mode (yellow lighted).

When the HDR symbol lights up yellow, HDR is activated and you can start shooting the frames.

Exposure Braketing  - IOS

Exposure Bracketing

Recording exposure brackets results in better quality, more contrast and more control over the images. The exposure bracketing settings can be accessed by pressing and holding the AEB symbol.

Now you can select a group and save different exposure values. In each group, four exposure values EV 1 to EV 4 can be set. To cover the widest possible spectrum, we recommend that you set the respective values as follows:

  • EV 1 = -3.0
  • EV 2 = -1.0
  • EV 3 = 1.0
  • EV 4 = 3.0

Afterwards you leave the AEB settings again. If AEB lights up yellow, it is activated. As described for automatic HDR recording, set and lock the average exposure value. Auto focus and white balance can be used in auto mode (yellow lighted).

Now you can start shooting the single frames. By pressing the shutter release button four photos are taken consecutively. To avoid blurry images, we recommend to use a remote shutter (e. g. headphones with volume control). It is important to wait until all brackets are taken before moving the camera. With an image processing program, the brackets can now get combined to HDR photos. We recommend Photomatix for this purpose, as this program also offers batch processing.