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Manual Shooting

By taking all photos manually you will receive the best results with the wolaptor. You take several photos in every direction. Afterwards you use a stitching software to compose a spherical panorama. In this tutorial we will show how to create a 360° photo step-by-step.

For a full 360° photo you will need to take between 26-47 single photos.

  • Make sure that your smartphone is placed and aligned correctly in the wolaptor. Learn here.
  • Verwende für die Aufnahme der Einzelbilder eine Kamera-App mit HDR oder RAW-Modus. Bei iOS und Android verfügt die Standard Kamera-App über eine HDR-Funktion, stelle diese auf “ein” - nicht “automatisch”.
  • Use a camera app with HDR or RAW mode for taking all photos. In iOS and Android the default camera has HDR mode. Make sure it is turned on - not on automatic mode.
  • The actual number of photos needed for a spherical panorama varies between different smartphones. While taking all shots make sure that every photo overlaps each other for at least 10%. So you don’t need to take 15 photos on every level.

    In the this graph you can see how many photos you should take on each level-
Nodal Point Adapter Scala

Congratulations! Now you have finished your 360° HD-panorama! Share your panorama on social media and don’t forget to use the hashtag #wolaptor! We can’t wait to see your artworks.


  • Use a remote shutter for smartphones for quick and convenient shooting. Some smartphone earphones can be used as a remote shutter.
  • Use a wide-angle or fisheye lens for your smartphone. So you need fewer photos for a spherical panorama.
  • Before continuing with a new set of photos for a panorama take an intermediate image in order to help you identify and assign all photos. Or create a folder for each panorama.