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Automatic Shooting

There are several ways of taking 360° photos with the wolaptor. The easiest and most convenient way is the use of mobile apps. By now many android smartphones have panorama add-ons for the default camera app. If you have an iPhone we recommend to use the Google Street View app with its photosphere feature.


You find the Google Street View app in the iTunes App-Store and the Play Store. Please be aware that your smartphone needs to have gyroscope sensor to run these apps.

Both apps work according to the same principle. For example, in the Google Street View app you start the photosphere feature by selecting the orange plus-button. For the first shot you align your smartphone vertically in the wolaptor to aim with the circle at the orange spot on the display. The app takes the first photo automatically. Now you only have to follow the orange spots all round to take all photos. Take care you don’t move the tripod while the app is taking a photo in order to avoid blurry shots.

After taking all photos the app stitches the panorama automatically. You can save the panorama on your camera roll.

100% error free panoramas cannot be guaranteed when using mobile apps. The stitching quality varies between different smartphone models. If you want perfect panoramas we recommend to use the manual shooting.