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Professional 360° photos with your smartphone

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Fit your smartphone ...

Mount your smartphone in the smartphone clamp. The rubber pads assure safe fit.*

Wolaptor - Einstellen

… adjust wolaptor …

For a perfect panorama the position of the camera lens needs to be aligned with the center of rotation while shooting. Put the camera lens in the crosshairs to adjust your smartphone.

Wolaptor - Einstellen

… align the z-axis …

Move your smartphone to touch the crosshairs. Turn down the crosshairs to hide it below the wolaptor before shooting your panorama.

Wolaptor - Einstellen

… shoot your panorama

Now you can pan around your smartphone to take all shots for a spherical panorama. Due to the alignment of your camera lens in the center of rotation, all photos can be stitched easily.

* The smartphones holder fits with a maximum width of 85 mm. Neither buttons should be pressed (holder width: 35 mm) nor the camera lense should be covered by the holder. Sony smartphones are not compatible.

Your Benefits


The wolaptor is designed to be compatible with most smartphones in order to keep the camera lens in the center of rotation while taking all shots for a spherical panorama.

Choose your tripod

The wolaptor comes with a table-top tripod for a firm stand. With its ¼” thread the wolaptor is compatible with most tripods.

Quick Shooting

As soon as the smartphone is aligned in the wolaptor you can pan around in every direction to take all photos you need for a spherical panorama.

High quality panoramas

Get error-free panoramas with the wolaptor. Several photos can be stitched to a professional 360° photo.**

** The stitching result can differ in quality depending on smartphone model and stitching software or panorama app.

Your choice!

Automatic Shooting

Use a panorama app to take and stitch 360° photos with your smartphone. It’s quick, easy and very convenient. We recommend Google Photosphere, a camera feature of the apps Google Camera and Google Street View.


For the best quality and resolution we recommend to take all photos manually and post-stitch them with a stitching software.

For manual shooting the wolaptor got a vertical and horizontal scale.

Stunning photographs

Take professional and error-free panoramas with your wolaptor

- wolowo production hall (manual shot) -

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