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By using the wolaptor you can take great 360° photos with your smartphone. In particular when taking spherical panoramas indoors you will appreciate using a wolaptor to diminish stitching errors. The wolaptor aligns the camera lens of your smartphone in the center of rotation while taking all single shots for a panorama. As a result all photos can be stitched perfectly. To show the difference we want to compare a 360° photo taken with the wolaptor with a photo taken free-handed and a panorama from a 360° camera.

Shots with

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  • High resolution resulting from more than 40 single shots for one 360° photo
  • Compatible with many smartphones
  • Easy to handle & easy to use
  • Solid design
  • Panoramas with a resolution of more than 350 megapixels
  • Moving objects are hard to catch
  • Takes around 3 minutes for a panorama with photosphere app
  • Stitching quality can differ between smartphone models

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  • Free mobile apps for panorama shooting
  • Close objects and straight lines are stitched poorly
  • Moving objects are hard to catch
  • Inconvenient shooting
  • Takes around 5 minutes for a panorama with photosphere app

360° Camera

  • One click for a shot
  • Recording 360° videos
  • Quality and resolution is poor, because panorama consists of only two photos